Welcome health seekers, yoga-curious and yogis looking for a therapeutic approach!

Are little aches and pains creeping up on you? Is life becoming stale and routine? Are you living and expressing your highest dreams and values?

In order for us to grow and take positive action, we must be able to know or to locate ourselves in the world.  Like a GPS, our lives cannot work if there is no reference or starting point.

The human starting point is not our personality (jobs, roles, titles, etc.), it’s our body. Not what we think of our body, but the actual living intelligence of body. How can we know ourselves if we do not know our body? This is the first gate toward inner-wisdom, but in our culture of speed, technology and materialism, we have devalued and misunderstood this vital connection.

Yoga is the most accessible way to re-introduce mind back to body. As the first layers of stress melt away, we might sleep better, experience more energy and a clearer state of mind.  Ultimately, as we engage with the present moment in our practice, we learn to value our direct experiencing and come to know this as the doorway to personal power and transformation.

This is my life’s work and passion: to help busy people re-discover their health, vitality and joy so that they can contribute to a healthy, peaceful and sustainable world.

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